Try a SmartBook

SmartBook Opening Screen

    Wolters/Kluwer has selected this casebook as one of the first to be issued in digital form using their SmartBook technology.  While we initially thought that this just meant a copy of the casebook in electronic form, we could not have been more wrong. The interactive features contained in the SmartBook technology are truly amazing and of great pedagogical value. Professors can now customize, annotate, and update the material in the casebook instantly.  Students can create outlines, brief cases, highlight material in several different colors, and even do their reading assignments from anywhere using any mobile media.  Although we put great effort into creating the best index of any environmental law casebook, with an electronic version any terms can be instantly located through the SmartBook’s search tool.
    In just the first week of using this technology, we have been incredibly impressed and our students are really excited about it.  The SmartBook allows you to embed links to websites and YouTube videos in the casebook.  Students can see videos of the places discussed in the book, hear interviews with people quoted in the text, and instantly view full copies of any case cited in the casebook. To see some screen grabs from our SmartBook click HERE. To watch a video demonstrating this remarkable technology go to: ( Screen_Grabs.html

The Electronic Casebook Has Arrived!