Photos From the Sites of Cases in the Casebook

Photo Tour of Sites of Cases in Casebook

Environmental Regulation: Law, Science & Policy

Below are photos from the sites of famous cases

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All of the photos were taken by Professor Percival with the exception of the Chicago water diversion map, which comes from Wikipedia ( and the Rapanos photos, which are from the former Community RIghts Counsel website ( Professor Percival ventured out to the Isle of Palms to examine the property that had been owned by David Lucas in the Supreme Court’s landmark Lucas v. South Carolina Coastal Council case decided in 1992. Although Lucas had rejected the state’s conclusion that his beachfront property was endangered by sea level rise, it is now right at the edge of the ocean. After the state bought out Lucas, they allowed two homes to be built on the properties. Even though Hurricane Irma passed 200 miles to the west of Charleston, these homes were severely damaged by it and were boarded up when he visited them in October 2018. Meanwhile the Isle of Palms has been seeking millions of dollars from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for beachfront replenishment projects.